Now That You Are Born Again

Are you a Christian? Are you born again? If you answer “yes” to both questions, then the book Now That You Are Born Again is one you will love reading. You will get to know that as a spirit being, you are more than the body you see. Your human spirit is the real you. In the words of the author, “You are more than the case that houses your senses…inside you is something, actually, someone much more than your body.”

Now That You Are Born Again

You will learn fundamentals of the Christian life such as” You Are A New Creation”, “You Have the Nature and Life of God”, “You Are The Righteousness of God”. You should also look forward to the chapters, “You are Delivered!” and “You Must Go To Church”.

The book a short book which you can finish reading in an hour or study extensively within a day. Get your copy today and discover what it means to be Born Again.


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