Every Child is Your Child

An ardent philanthropist, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said, “Every child is your child, help children, don’t ignore children, they are our extension. They are our future.  No matter how dirty, no matter how untouchable—think again one day you were just that small but you were fortunate to have somebody help you.”

The InnerCity Mission for Children is a non-governmental organisation in Consultative Status (the highest status granted by the United Nations to NGOs). Daily, ICM4C actively reaches out to indigent children living in the inner cities.


Inner City Mission offers programs such as Child Health and Nutrition, Child Care and Support, Family Strengthening, and Child Development. Explore https://theinnercitymission.ngo/ to learn more about the charity shop.


You could still be wondering how to participate. What about your birthday? You can use it as a time to give to children by sponsoring food to forgotten children. They would no longer be forgotten, needy and abandoned because you remembered them. Explore the gifting site on the Inner City Mission website for more information.


Yes, you can make a difference. Visit https://theinnercitymission.ngo/ today. A child will laugh again or burst into laughter for the first time because you heard the cry and you took advantage of the opportunity to give. Follow @innercityhq on Instagram.


Here’s are people who used and are currently using their birthdays to reach indigent children all around the world. Whatever country you could be in be, you can reach children and be the cause for their happiness and bright future. Remember, Every Child is Your Child.


“Many of these [children] are fortunate to have us of we will only open our hearts, our minds and our eyes. We need to help give them [children] hope. We need to help give them [children] an education. We need to help clothe them. As small as they are, as needy as they are, as frustrated as they are, they have dreams.” said Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in a song dedicated to indigent children.


Indeed we can help make those dreams come true.



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