The Featured Song for the Week is “Under The Canopy” by Frank Edwards

“I had a dream, I was going somewhere and it looked like the place was far. I was beginning to complain to the person I was with…all of a sudden, I saw myself in like, a car and we didn’t have to walk. The car just zoomed off…and then I  found myself  under a tent with people dancing, singing and praising God”  says Frank Edwards in his interview with Spectrumnet. It is thrilling to see how he used his creativity and mind power to produce a video of such vibrancy and quality.

This song will stir your faith and make you dream again. You will realize that the word of God is trustworthy and dependable. Brighten your week by listening on repeat and share with your relatives and friends.

You can watch the full interview with Frank Edwards on Spectrumnet SuperUser on the KIngsChat app available on Google Play and App Store. Follow Frank Edwards on Instagram @frankrichboy, on @FrankEdwards KingsChat.



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