The Power of Your Mind

It’s mid-year already, wow! Your dreams are still possible. “Can you access your mental hard drive to see what files you need to delete and the new ones you need to download and install?” That was a pragmatic question asked in the book “The Power of Your Mind” by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Indeed, you can walk in divine excellence and transform your world with the power of a renewed mind. Join the reading club on Greater Truths by pledging to read a book a week. This week, we will be reading ‘The Power of Your Mind’ by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Get ready to have your mind renewed!


Go ahead, spread the word and get reading. Get your book on  by downloading the LoveWorld Books mobile app or get your book on iBooks or Kindle. Share the inspirations you receive as you read; encourage someone else.


Enjoy this song titled ‘This is Your Season‘ by Sinach. In the song, Sinach says “You can be anything you want, you can achieve all your dreams if you only believe”. You can find out more songs by Sinach on her website

Grab your copy of the song on iTunes or Amazon Music. Enjoy!


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