Lush Decoration for Your Home

Are you looking to change the decor for your home? You just landed on the right page! From decoration for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, guestroom, restroom, home office, outdoor area, you will get ideas on how to beautify your living area to make it more cozy.

Living Room

The living room may be where you spend most time together as family, hence, comfortable furniture is most suitable to relax and enjoy time with family and guests.

This sofa from Joss and Main will give a classic feel to your living room. Getting the decor pillows will complete the look.Conrad-96-Sofa

For a colorful look, take a look at this orange sofa set:Orange Sleeper

You can combine colors to your taste, purple and yellow go well. The purple sleeper sofa will add a touch of class and brightness to your decor. It is available at Joss & Main. purple sofa

This mustard yellow loveseat also comes in turquoise blue, kiwi green, brown peacock blue, and more vibrant colors. yellow loveseat

You probably weren’t thinking of a robotic massage chair, however, this premium robotic massage chair will make will help relax your muscles after a hectic day at work.


You can find the massage chair on the Wayfair official website using this link.

Here’s a grey furniture set that can set up to six people at the dining area.

grey furniture

This Grecian centerpiece will add some diversity to your tabletop.  centerpiece.PNG

Since the TV usually attracts guests as they catch up on shows and the news, having a TV stand that is sturdy and durable will save you some money in the long run. This basic TV stand can support up to 60″ televisions.

tv stand 1.PNG

This 3 in 1 TV Stand  below can support televisions up to 65″. It be used in three different positions: table top, wall mount or swinging floater. Get it from Best Buy here.

tv stand 2

Here’s the stand in the table top position:

TV Stand lool


Having a runner for the kitchen is a great idea to present slips or accidental falls especially if you have a wooden floor. runner.PNG


For bedroom decor, Touch of Class got you! Check out their website 1.PNGI  simply loved this look the first time I saw it, t speaks of class and royalty. Want the look? Find out more on the website.

bedding 2

For a modern and tranquil look, this black and white comforter set is the way to go. To purchase the set, click here.

Even if you’re a student on a tight budget, you can still get something classic at a reasonable price. A lightweight bedspread is best during the summer in the temperate and during most seasons in the tropics. bedding 3

Decor for The Porch 

Leading to the porch, the doormat says a lot especially when the words on it minister life. Stair treads always stand out so having them on the stairs is recommended if you have some extra cash to spare in giving your home a distinct look.


Here’s a matching doormat and stair tread.

stair tread.PNG


Here’s where you entertain guests when the weather is so beautiful and you will rather dine outdoors. It’s important you design the area to your taste and surroundings. Here are some tips:

  1. Match colors that give your patio a look which is  close to that of nature especially if you have a lot of tall trees around your home. For example, you can use brown chairs with removable seating pads.
  2. Try not to overcrowd the patio, let your guests be able to walk around freely.
  3. Display your plants and flowers to complement your decor.


outdoor 3

outdoor 2

Decoration for Restroom

The restroom is a place to refresh yourself and freshen up. You want it to be as comfortable as possible. Also you want wall arts and paintings to be as true to heart as can be.

Here’s wall art you can find easily online. This particular one is most probably a favorite for mums and their kids.


The wall plaque below is humorous, it should make you smile when you look up at it in your restroom.

bathroom 2


Rugs are necessarily in the restroom to prevent the floor from getting wet, keep your bare feet from cold floors and provide beauty and style. This rug set is from Kohl’s.

bathroom 3

Decorating your toilet seat may sound absurd and extravagant at first but it is beneficial for people like their homes to be completely well decorated. This Roma pearlescent toilet set comes in gold, ivory and pink. It is available at Touch of Class. Click.

bathroom 4

Decoration for Guestroom

Make your guests feel at home even when they are away from home. Apart from cooking them meals, spending time looking at monuments around the city and finding out the new restaurants to dine at, a sure way to impress an important guest it have comfortable and sophisticated guestroom.  Whether it is a king sized bed, queen sized bed or full bed, using bed sheets, comforters,  shams, curtains and valances will make the room homely.


guestroom 4

As stated earlier, Touch of Class is a one-stop for bedding sets.


A full-length mirror is useful to pick out matching outfits for the day. This floor length is available at Target.

For Kids

Children are only little for a few years and it is best to help them enjoy their growing up days. Here are a few furniture  available on Joss and Main.

recreation room

More items for kids:



kids chair set.PNG


Based on the age of your child or grandchild, an appropriate bed frame and color scheme will help the youngster be more vibrant.  The featured beds are available at Wayfair.



Here are a few idea for beds for infants. You want to choose a frame that can prevent the child from rolling off the bed.

baby bed.PNG

Boys like cars so this a great bed for an infant. The frame of the bed could be used to store toys as the kids grow into teenagers.

Decoration for Home Office

An an entrepreneur or business owner  having time to work on your craft at home would make you even more distinguished as you put in extra hours in being diligent in what you do. This is not to conflict with family time but help in polish your work.

Here’s some furniture to make your home office a place for continued productivity. Your significant accomplishments will come by skillfully practicing what you do, having comfortable furniture will come in handy when you have to spend long hours working.



You can find the featured furniture here.

home office

charging port.PNG

Enjoy decorating your home!

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