Top 10 Treats for Valentine (for Her)


You can’t go wrong with flowers. There are varieties to choose from too


Ultimate Rose Bouquet - 12 Stems, 3-Foot Roses - No Vase

flowers-2   flowers-1

Here’s a link to purchase the flowers.

Flowers from FTD

9. Chocolates

From milk chocolates to dark chocolates, in gift boxes or baskets.




Chocolates from Godiva

8. $500 gift card from Nordstrom


A classic gift card or e-gift card will do for her shopping spree.  You could customize the gift to make it more personal.


Here’s her surprise look! Yes, you got that right!


Gift card from Nordstrom

7. Stellar dress




dress 1.PNG

Dresses from Asos.

6. Teddy bear



A six foot teddy bear, sounds incredible! For lots of hugging.

teddy 1.PNG

Teddy at WalMart.

5. iPhone 7 Plus


There’s not much to say but she’ll simply love it.

iPhone 7 Plus by Apple.

4. $1000 – $2,500 towards investment.

You could invest $1000 with Charles Schwab for her.

Multiply your wealth wisely.


Invest with Charles Schwab

$2, 500 in T.Rowe Price in investments for her sounds unusual of a Valentine’s gift but you should be willing to invest in and for her if she’s for you. Investing early will yield more in the long run.

invest 2.PNG

Invest with T.Rowe Price.

Do more investment 101 research and decide which investment plans work for you.


Also reference:

The best investments yield more in the long run.




Are Yo Ready???

Scroll down


3. 3 power packed books: Now That You Are Born Again, Recreating Your Word, The Power of Your Mind.

Yes, you read and she should too.

If you want to enjoy your relationship with her, these 3 books are a must-have:

Hot and Sizzling


Young and Vibrant: For all time access to her. This book will reveal lots and lots to you. Get to know more than the physical body you see.

book 11.PNG

Contemporary and Classic: This will teach and guide you in speaking the right words to you, to her and to your future.


The books are available in audio, e-copy and hard copy. Be sure to use the hardcover version of “The Power of Your Mind”as one of your most precious gifts.

2. PCDL 1 -year Gold membership

What’s PCDL??? That’s an exciting question.

pcdl b.PNG

PCDL is the acronym for Pastor Chris Digital Library. It contains hundreds of teaching in trending topics such as prosperity, health, music, thanksgiving, and easy life.

pcdl 1.PNG

Live your best!

pcdl a.PNG

Flourish in 2017!

pcdl c.PNG

If you want her to have access to over 200 messages which will make her love you even more, then get her the PCDL 1 -year Gold membership.


Access PCDL online. Download the app on Google Play or App Store.

1.A ring


Have you been engaged to her for months or years now; it may just be a good time to pop ‘the question’. He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD. Proverbs 18:22

Rings from Zale


Finally a combination of the above gifts is recommended.

Now get planning, so you can get your gifts on time.


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