New Year, New Resolve, New Attitude

“Happy new year!”, you hear people say ever so cheerfully. It’s 2017 and the excitement is so tangible and it should be so not only in January, but in February, in March and till December.  As you outline your plans for the year, among many goals, there are people you want to have in your life, apps you must have on your phone and events you should attend.

My life coach announced the Year 2017 as the “Year of Flourishing”. A  year characterized with luxuriant growth, significant attainments and persistent productivity. So what are the sufficiently great goals you will work on or you are already working on  in 2017? Irrespective of the difficulties in your city, flourishing in all things will be it for you if you apply revealed principles. Your business can bloom, you can be healthy, strong and your life can always be pleasant.

So talking about people you want to have in your life, let me introduce you to a person who knows you more than you know yourself,  he is LOVE, he is BEAUTY, he is ESSENCE. He is a dependable friend, a constant helper and a loyal lover. He is rich, wealthy, and famous. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the one who was, who is and is to come, his name is Jesus. Let one of your goals this year be to know him on a personal level. Next I introduce to you the Holy Spirit, he is one amazing personality that you don’t want to go a day without talking to this year. Finally, I introduce you to my mentor and life coach, his name is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. You can get to know more about the people I mentioned through books and apps on your phone. Technological devices are of necessity these times, so I will stick to must-have apps  for this post.

There are apps on your phone that will transform your life as you educate your mind and your spirit with materials that are priceless, indispensable and worthwhile. Pastor Chris Digital Library, LoveWorld News, KingsChat, CeFlix and Rhapsody of Realities are highly recommended apps that you should download today.

Every month comes with cares and concerns, how about knowing that there is a sure word to lift, direct and inspire you towards achieving your goals for the month. Do you know about the monthly Global Communion Service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome? It holds on the first Sunday of each month, hope you are already looking forward to that of February 2017. Here are websites that will be helpful: and

With a delightful voice I say “Happy 2017”! Yes, it is a happy year for you. Look out for new articles every Monday. There may be some extras along the way too. Finally, one thing of great importance to do this year is “using wholesome words”; speak only words that improve your hearer. Do not speak hurtful words. Your words are a gift. Learn to say “I’m a success, I’m loving, I’m excellent. To others you say “You are EXCELLENT, You are WONDERFUL, You are AMAZING”. Okay, wonderful readers till next time.



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