Just Laugh…then Speak Words

Times in life when the winds blows, the rain comes beating down and the floods sweeping  by so heavily. It’s getting really tense and you ask yourself “what am I going to do?”  It seems like circumstances are so overwhelming and you are just about to push the panic button. But just before you do, I have something to say to you:

Even in the fiercest storm, there is power to bring tranquility

There is no need to be fretful or panicky

While you are crying, there could be no  need for tears

When all seems to be low, dry, and blurry, there is a bright future ahead

Things seen are only temporal, things unseen are eternal

Do not allow the cause to a means

Cause you to put an end to your life


You can live life to the full

And even be a blessing to others

It is decision you make

Not even your closest friend gets to make the decision for you

You could make the choice  to stand up tall

Unmovable, victorious and glorious

Now you are wondering…


But  yes, the solution is right there in you

Just as a tree yields fruit after its kind

And its seed abides in itself

Your words do have the capacity to produce wonderful results in your life


Choose life

Choose words of life not death

Choose words of love not hate


Speak words that edify

Speak words of faith

Words of victory

Words of triumph


It’s time to change the way you see things

Refuse to process mundane thoughts

You are what you think.

Oh yes!

So when you see such things happen

Laugh then, Speak Words